Our Team

Ana-Maria BREZNICEANU - MSB Founder and Director

Ana is a founding member of the Montessori School of Bucharest, Director. She is also in charge with the foreign language team.

Ana has spent 24 years studying and she liked each step of this path, from the kindergarten started at 3, in Maroc, to the elementary school and high school in Romania and then to the Faculty of Foreign Languages from Bucharest - French-English (1997), the Master Degree in Canadian Studies at the University of Bucharest (2001) and the PhD studies from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Canada (2005).

Although her teaching experience is mainly for adult education, as university teaching assistant in Romania and college teacher in Canada, Ana enjoys the energy she gets from working with and for children. Since the launching of the Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest in 2007, Ana focused on organizing the activity of the pre-school to help it move forward to the next level of primary school.

Ana enjoys being a mother to a school-age daughter, having good friends and spending time in nature.

Mariana ULIȚĂ - Founder and Educational Director MSB

Mariana is a founding member of the Montessori School of Bucharest. The Teachers College of Braila (1998), The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science of Bucharest (2002) and the Master Degree in Educational Management (2004) are just some of the important steps on Mariana's path.

In 2004 - 2005 she attended the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) training course to become a Montessori Teacher at the Montessori Institute of San Diego and after graduation she worked for the Montessori Institute of Broward, Florida.

Mariana came back to Romania in 2007, with a new perspective: the courage, training and enthusiasm of a new beginning. Ever since, she's been coordinating the educational activity of the MSB team, transmitting the essence and the spirit of the Montessori education to parents and implementing the principles of the Montessori method while working with children.

Mariana's future plan is to become an AMI Montessori trainer.

Cheerful music, natural people, blue sky, riging her bike are for Mariana reasons of irremediable joy.

Florina SILIVESTRU - AMI Montessori Guide (6-12)

Lavinia CÂRCU - AMI Montessori Guide (6-12)

Daria CÎMPEAN, AMI Montessori Guide (3-6)

Angélique Crystal BRAKEL - AMI Montessori Guide (3-6)

Crystal studied theory and practice of early childhood care and education for children in kindergarten and primary school, and in 2002 she received a diploma from the IES (International Educational Services). In 2010 she finished a course for children from 2-6 and got a diploma from the North American Montessori Center. Crystal also completed a training course in Music and Art, and in 2000 a got a diploma from the Bluebird foundation (humanitarian organization). Crystal has taught children in several different countries (Hungary, Lithuania, Switzerland and now Romania). She worked as a volunteer for 3 years in orphanages and juvenile centers for teenagers.

In 2010 Crystal joined Montessori School of Bucharest, as a Montessori teacher for the children in one of the 3-6 classes, as well as the English teacher for the primary school children ages 6-9. In 2013 Crystal started the AMI 3-6 Training Course at the Montessori Institute of Bucharest and she will graduate in 2015.

Crystal enjoys the new things the children teach her everyday, and the simplistic way they see the world around them. She enjoys having a healthy lifestyle, with lots of sports and taking good care of herself.

Loredana DĂNILĂ - AMI Montessori Guide (3-6)

Adela Munteanu, AMI Montessori Guide (3-6)

Florentina DINESCU, AMI Montessori Guide (0-3)

Andreea Gianina SOGOREAN - AMI Montessori Guide(0-3)

Eva PIROȘCĂ - Montessori Teacher Assistant (3-6)

Corina Munteanu - Science Teacher (6-12)

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