Founder’s message


Dear parents,

We’ve founded this institution driven by the wish of offering the children a proper environment where they can harmoniously develop and build themselves based on this potential. Through the attitude of children towards themselves, towards teachers and colleagues, towards teaching, they lay the foundations of the Man who will become.

This is a process that becomes conscious during the school years.

In kindergarten, the child doesn’t have the ability to discern what helps him grow beautifully and absorbs everything from the environment in which he works, whether good or bad. Therefore, our kindergarten’s motto is The joy of learning, because we strive to offer the child only the elements that raise him with joy, towards joy.  

At school, however, the child enters another plan of development, when the rational mind replaces the absorbent mind. Thus, the conscious attitude is the one that leads him to assume the role he has in his growth, in knowing and reaching his potential.

Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur said Maria Montessori, so we emphasize the harmonious development of the child in all its aspects: emotional, interpersonal, moral and academic.

We realized that freedom follows from the balance between all of these mentioned earlier.

And because in all these aspects we all learn - children, teachers and parents - consciously assuming our role, we believe that the will is a key element engaging all the others: assumption, conscious presence, sustained effort. Therefore, our school’s motto is “The will to learn.”

În această măreaţă misiune, a cuceririi libertăţii, copilul se lansează ţinând strâns de mână părinţii şi pedagogii. Cele două braţe – părinţii şi dascălii - îl pot susţine doar de pe aceeaşi poziţie. 

Vă așteptăm cu drag să ne bucurăm împreună de parcursul copilului dumneavoastră spre construirea de sine.

Ana-Maria Brezniceanu,
Founder of Montessori School of Bucharest