What is the program for kindergarten / school?

Both the school and the kindergarten are open from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00. This range includes before school, Montessori work cycle, group activities and outdoor games, lunch, rest, after-school and optional.

More details about the kindergarten program can be found here, and about the school program here.


How long does it take to accommodate my child in the group?

Adapting to the new environment and the separation from the parents for a while can be a process accompanied by a lot of emotional burden for both the child and the parents. Every child / individual is unique. Each child has their own pace of development, their own personality and their own tolerance for change, so there is no fixed period of accommodation, a process that can take from a few days to a few weeks. More information about accommodating a child in kindergarten can be read here.


Can I enroll my child in the middle of the school year?

Yes, it is possible to enroll your child in the middle of the school year if there are places available in any of the kindergarten / school groups.

You can fill in the registration form and later you will receive an answer to confirm you if there are any available places.


How many holidays are there during the school year?

There are 4 holidays (spring, summer, autumn, winter) that differ in duration, as well as legal holidays (for example, June 1 - Children's Day, Great Union Day). You can view the complete calendar for kindergarten here, and the school calendar here.


Are the children given homework at a Montessori school?

Homework is not required in a Montessori school. First of all, children cannot use Montessori materials at home, and most homework means working with worksheets and textbooks, which is not usually used in Montessori education. Secondly, the nature of learning in Montessori school (interactive, child-centered and material-handling) is so beneficial for children that they do not need homework for the learning exercise to be maintained and sustained.

More information about the Montessori method and the traditional one, you can read in the Montessori section - questions and answers.


Is there a psychologist in the institution or is there any collaboration with one?

Yes, Montessori School of Bucharest offers school counseling. Eva Alexandra Șerban, our counselor, has studies in psychology and basic training in Person-Centered Psychotherapy and she's a Circle of Security facilitator. Its responsibilities include constant observation in class and counseling of educators, or parents and children, if necessary, on the issues observed.


Does the school have its own kitchen?

Lunch and afternoon snacks are provided by a catering company. Occasionally children prepare their own snacks. The portions are in accordance with the age of the children.


What happens if a child feels unwell during the kindergarten / school program?

If a child feels unwell during classes or breaks, he will go to the doctor's office accompanied by a teacher; the school nurse will contact the parents so that the child can be picked up early from school, if the situation requires it. The school nurse will inform the teachers about the child's condition.


What safety precautions should be taken against COVID-19?

Given the current context, Montessori School of Bucharest has adopted a series of hygiene and protection measures that you can find detailed in this document.