Our mission and values

Our mission is to promote Montessori education at the highest level, respecting each child and encouraging him to develop at his own pace, cultivating his desire for knowledge. One of our main goals is to grow independent, tolerant, responsible children, as well as to form flexible and creative minds, which can easily adapt to the complexity of nowadays society.  In order to achieve these goals, we offer:

  • individualized work with each child;
  • holistic curriculum that addresses the child both intellectually and spiritually and physically;
  • specific materials in a prepared and logically ordered environment
  • Montessori trained teachers in authorized centers in our country and abroad

One of the main reasons why parents choose our school is the harmonious social and emotional environment. This environment is a living organism and every member of our community, either a child, a parent or a grandparent, a teacher or a non-teacher, influences it.

The three golden rules that keep the environment safe for the healthy emotional development of the child are: self-respect, respect for others, respect for the physical environment.

The children are bringing their family values and the school needs a constant partnership  with the family in this regard, because regardless of our efforts to instil certain values in children, their family values will prevail in their actions. Therefore, parents are the first one to teach children to be honest, punctual, empathetic towards the other children, respectful to their teachers, tidy, careful to the environment and respectful to other’s belongings. As a school, it is our responsibility to strengthen their values and to create a harmonious environment together.