Parents' guide

Parents' guide

We’ve founded this institution driven by the wish of offering the children a proper environment where they can harmoniously develop and build themselves based on this potential. Through the attitude of children towards themselves, towards teachers and colleagues, towards teaching, they lay the foundations of the Man who will become. 

This is a process that becomes conscious during the school years. In kindergarten, the child does not have the ability to discern what helps him grow up beautifully and absorbs everything from the environment in which he works, either good or harmful. That is why our motto for kindergarten is The Joy of learning, because we strive to offer the child only the elements that raise him with joy, towards joy. At school, however, the child enters another stage of development: that in which the rational mind takes the place of the absorbing mind. 

That is why the conscious attitude is the one that leads him to assume the role he has in his growth, in knowing and reaching his potential. It is not an easy process. Responsibility is learned step by step, since kindergarten, as you learn arithmetic and calligraphy. That is why we follow the child's rhythm and try to help the child to know, from one moment to another, his limits, needs and strengths. The more the child becomes aware of himself and others, the more freedom he can embrace and manage.


The Parents' Guide is a complete and complex guide for parents in our community and includes information on the following: 

  • the values of the institution
  • ways of communication between parents and educators, parents and principals, etc
  • Montessori observation sessions
  • special events that take place during a school year (Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas party, etc.)
  • policies and procedures of the institution - the transition from one Montessori cycle to another, the policy in case of absences, termination of the contract etc.
  • medical policies - mandatory documents, medication administration, return to the community etc
  • other internal rules