Financial Offer

Financial Offer

The primary level of the Montessori School of Bucharest is authorized by the Ministry of National Education through OM no. 4681/08.08.2017 for the Montessori Primary 1 cycle (6-9 years) and by OM no. 4707/01.10.2014 for the Montessori Primary 2 cycle (9-12 years).

Montessori School of Bucharest offers you:

  • Teaching staff trained in Montessori pedagogy under the auspices of the Association Montessori Internationale;
  • English teachers and teaching assistants in each class, trained to support the work of teachers;
  • school doctor, nurse, school counselor;
  • associate teachers for music, painting, physical education, French, religion;
  • our principles and values ​​are set out in the Parents' Guide, an integral part of the contract.

Montessori School of Bucharest opened in 2011, with a class for children aged 6-9. It was a natural growth and continuity for our children from the Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest, opened in 2007.

Education in a Montessori school corresponds to the specifics of the child's psychological development, and Montessori materials ensure the child's natural transition from sensory exploration to abstract operation.


In a Montessori school, assessment is a discreet process that leaves the child with the joy of learning. Learning—individual or in small groups—is based on cooperation, not competition. Montessori education facilitates the child's character development: he becomes responsible and independent, modest and friendly, has a sense of value and belonging to the group he belongs to. The goal of the Montessori method is therefore education, not schooling. And to educate means, etymologically speaking, to bring out the potential.

An answer to the question "Why a Montessori school?" is given by Kristin McAllister-Young, beneficiary of this type of education until the age of 12, today a Montessori educator at a kindergarten in San Marco, California. "To me, every morning in the Montessori school was a fascinating version of my family at home - a place where my opinions and interests were valued, where people encouraged me never to accept an answer as the end of questions, but to use it as a spark for a new source of research. I was valued and respected as a member of a learning community; my strengths were recognized and I was supported where I struggled." (Kristin McAllister-Young).


Through its vision, mission and values, Montessori School of Bucharest offers you a school that your children can one day say the same about.